Nike Tournament of Champions Southeast

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The #1 high school volleyball tournament in the Southeast returns for its fifth season.

The Tournament of Champions is further establishing its reputation as a tournament that the most truly competitive high school teams will not want to miss.

The event is covered extensively by major volleyball outlets including Prep Volleyball and MAXPREPS.

The tournament is a six (6) match guarantee. The Alachua County Sports and Events Center represents a significant upgrade over previous facilities and is the ideal venue for the #1 high school volleyball tournament in the Southeast – and one of the premier events in the nation.


Game Rules

Court Map




The schedule will be available one week prior to the start of the event.

All teams will play three matches on Friday and three matches on Saturday. Teams should be prepared to play in a match starting as early as 8:00 AM on Friday and as late as 7:00 PM on Saturday.


Teams not playing may be required to keep score or line judge. Work teams will be required to provide four people: two for line judging; one for the official scorebook; and one for the scoreboard. Up and down officials will be provided for all matches.


The head coach or a designated representative must register on Thursday, August 29th 

At this time coaching credentials; athlete credentials; event rosters; and important event information will be distributed.

If you arrive in Gainesville too late to make the registration above, you may register at the playing venue starting one hour prior to your first match.


A Certified Athletic Trainer will be available during the event.

Players wishing to be taped must provide their own pre-wrap and tape; none is available on-site.


Coaches must bring their own balls for warm-up. A game ball will be provided.


In order to compete, all athletes must have a Waiver of Liability signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver is done entirely online; if it is not completed, the athlete may not compete.