North Tartan will be hosting the 2024 Meltdown AAU National Championship Event, a three-day event from July 12-14, 2024. 

The 2024 Meltdown AAU National Championship Event brings together many of the nation’s top Club, Travel & AAU programs to compete on a highly visible stage.

The 2024 event will include up to 5 age divisions – 7th Grade (13U), 8th Grade (14U), 9th Grade (15U), 10th Grade (16U), and 11th Grade (17U).  While considerable attention will be focused on the top prospects, the 2024 Meltdown AAU National Championship also provides coaches, spectators and fans with a tremendous opportunity to scout the up-and-coming talent. Players always make their mark on the basketball circuit at tournaments such as the 2024 Meltdown AAU National Championship. 


All coaches must have a USA Basketball Coach License prior to the event. Individuals without valid licenses will not be permitted to engage in coaching activities or sit on the team bench, and must purchase a spectator pass and sit in the designated spectator area(s).


All athletes and coaches must be registered in the NCAA BBCS. Returning users should renew their previous account and not create a new one. For team events, coaches will use their players’ registration to create their bench/roster. Returning coach and athlete users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.

Additional Information

For more information on athlete and coach registration and for access to the ECAG User Manual, visit the NCAA basketball certification website.


All of steps outlined below must be completed 21 days prior to the start of the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.All coaches must obtain a USAB Gold License; all PSAs and coaches must register in the BBCS.

Administrative coach must: build their team bench in the BBCS; send invitations to PSAs and coaches (coaches and PSAs must accept the invitation to be added); submit justifications for PSAs on their bench that have residency issues; create the roster(s) for each event in the BBCS; and acknowledge that athletes cannot play more than two games in one day.


The Tournament is a stay-to-play event.  All teams traveling from outside the Minneapolis area are required to secure reservations through the events official housing partner.


In order to compete, all athletes must have a Waiver of Liability signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver is done entirely online; if it is not completed by April 1st, the athlete may not compete. The waiver will be available in March.